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Blowout Monday | Final Score: Oklahoma Sooners 85, Weber State Wildcats 51

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Across the nation, Blowout Monday took full effect with multiple Big XII Conference teams participating. However, all eyes were on the Oklahoma Sooners after a record setting 39-point run witnessed in the first half. Using the distance to shift into cruise control, Oklahoma downed the Weber State Wildcats 85-51.

Characterized by a 68.8% shooting effort, the story clearly lies within the first twenty minutes of play. But, it's not enough to simply highlight the offense as the defense shut down any efforts made by the opponent. Forcing turnovers early and often, Oklahoma kept their opponent out of sync for the duration of the game. At the break, Weber State mustered a mere 12 points.

Billy Tubbs, in attendance at Monday's event, hinted at the fact that the Sooners needed to tighten down their defense in the final two minutes of the half. When asked why, he replied with the notion that holding an opponent to a 4-point half would have set a Big XII record. Instead, the Sooners gave up 7-points in the final two minutes.

With much of the attention on TaShawn Thomas, it may be time fans turned their attention to Ryan Spangler.

One thing lacking from the Sooner roster in recent years has been a consistent scoring presence in the post. Thomas was declared the savior after being cleared for immediate eligibility...even by myself.

But, on the other side of the equation, Spangler is a proven workhorse underneath the basket. No player on the floor puts in more sweat equity during 40-minutes of play. For example, suffering a broken nose two days ago, Spangler played 23 minutes. Only two other Sooners earned more playing time against Weber State. The junior forward has poured in 10+ point on seven different occasions this season with the most recent coming on Monday. Is that not the picture of consistency?

Spangler (15) and Jordan Woodard (15) combined for 30 points on the evening. The combo sparked the offense in what many hoped would be a 100+ point outing as the team shot 58% from the field.

After opting for cruise, the Sooners never looked back although Weber State out-rebounded OU 36-32. Joel Bolomboy showcased elite rebounding skills coupled with length and athleticism by pulling down a game high 12 rebounds. Yet, Bolomboy fell one point shy of his double double average with 9 points.

Chris Golden led the Wildcats from the bench adding 12 points of his own.