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Oklahoma Sooners Set NCAA Division I Basketball Record With 39 Point Run Against Weber State

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

In 2006, Utah St. took to the hardwood against Idaho in what would be a memorable match-up for the Aggies. Why? Simple. The Aggies took off on a 37-0 point run over their opponent to claim a spot in the record books. While that's an incredible feat in and of itself, there's a saying that floats around from time to time..."records are made to be broken."

Record Book

Fast forward to today, December 22nd, 2014 and that's exactly what happened. The Oklahoma Sooners returned home after a short trip to Las Vegas to tackle the Weber State Wildcats. Playing with active hands, the Sooners forced turnover after turnover while rebounding the ball exceptionally well. The result led the NCAA Basketball world to witness a new number being set.

Pouring in the points, Oklahoma racked up 51 points in the first half largely in part to an extended run used to put distance between the programs. Remember, Weber State made the field of 64 in the NCAA Tournament a year ago. However, the Sooners set the new bar by putting up a 39-0 point run. The mark officially adds Oklahoma to the "Scoring Run Against A Division I Opponent" category replacing the former holder, Utah St.

Welcome to the record books!