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The Top 10 Things I Rather Watch Than Oklahoma Punt The Ball To Tyreek Hill Again

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More than a week later the 2014 Bedlam game is still unsettling for Oklahoma football fans. It isn't just because they lost to their in-state rivals but rather how they lost. With five minutes and some change remaining in the game the Sooners held a 35-21 lead over Oklahoma State and all seemed right in the world. Suddenly a quick score put the Cowboys down by just a touchdown and then the unthinkable happened.

With less than seventy seconds left on the clock, the Sooners had pinned Oklahoma State at their own 15 off a Jed Barnett punt. The Cowboys would need to march 85 yards, with no timeouts, in order to just tie the game up. That wasn't good enough for Bob Stoops though. Deciding that he needed to burn a few more ticks off the clock, Stoops made the unfortunate decision to take a five-yard running into the kicker penalty and punt the ball for a second time to one of the most dangerous return men in the nation. The rest, as they say, is history.

It's a decision that will go down as one of the worst ever...not just in Bedlam but seriously one of the worst decisions ever made. Tyreek Hill's 92-yard return tied the game and the Sooners eventually fell 38-35 in overtime.

In honor of David Letterman's announcement that he will step away from The Late Show in 2015, here are the Top 10 things that I would rather watch Oklahoma Football do rather than punt to Tyreek Hill for a second time.

Who says that we can't have a little fun with it?

Top 10 Things I'd Rather Watch Oklahoma Do Instead Of Punt To Tyreek Hill Again

10. Line Michael Hunnicutt up for a clutch field goal attempt.

9. Watch Mike Stoops put the defensive secondary in soft coverage against Baylor.

8. Watch Alex Ross run off-tackle three consecutive times.

7. Watch Trevor Knight attempt 50 passes in a half.

6. Watch Trevor Knight run the zone-read with no intention of ever keeping the ball.

5. Watch Zack Sanchez call for a fair catch on a punt return.

4. Watch Oklahoma run the play clock down to zero coming out of a timeout.

3. Watch a linebacker try to cover an inside receiver on an "out" or "go" route.

2. Watch Trevor Knight be forced to make a run/pass option decision near his own goal line.

1. Watch the Sooners try to pick up a third or fourth and short by running from the shotgun formation.