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Oklahoma Sooners Football Recruiting | Recruiting Update: Baylor Weekend

Ryan Newsome
Ryan Newsome
Student Sports

The Sooners played host to multiple recruits over the past weekend and the feedback is starting to roll in. If the results on the field on Saturday are indicative of the talent level on the current team, then the needs for an influx of talent into the program is obvious.

One of the biggest recruits in attendance this weekend was Darrin Kirkland Jr.

With Linebacker being one of the major needs of the class, perhaps no recruit was more important this weekend than Kirkland. While the Sooners still have lots of work to do but the visit was obviously a step in the right direction.  Kirkland had posted several updates on twitter to let us know how his visit went. He even posted this this pic.

Another big time recruit on campus this past weekend was Ryan Newsome. Newsome is a slot WR recruit who has offers from across the nation. He seems to have settled on a group of teams that he is strongly considering. Those teams are OU, Texas, Ole Miss, Tennessee, and UCLA. Look for this to come down to the Sooners, Longhorns, or Rebels. Newsome posted several pics of himself in the new uniforms on twitter.

Will Lockett was also on campus. While not a lot about his visit is known he did tweet this

Another widely known who was on campus was 5 star OT Drew Richmond. Richmond is currently committed to Ole Miss, but getting him on campus was a good thing for the Sooners. I would rather have a prospect visit and turn down the Sooners, than not visit at all.

There will be much more in the way of recruiting coverage from this weekend, but this snapshot gives you an idea that the Sooners had a successful weekend with recruits even if they had a terrible game on the field.