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You See What Happened Was...Oklahoma's Coaches & Players Discuss Loss To Baylor

Saturday's blowout loss to Baylor left Oklahoma fans angered and demanding answers. I don't get the feeling that those answers will do anything but enrage fans even more though.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Bob Stoops

When asked if they were playing off Baylor receivers in an effort to keep them in front of Oklahoma's defensive backs?

"Well, again, all of that was perfect in the first half. You have a chance for it to be a 17-17 game at half. The second half, again, they got behind us even when we were off. We have to do a better job covering the deep ball and, again, they beat us on a few. Sometimes it was very effective and sometimes it wasn't."

On if moving away from the running game was a mistake?

"All situations are different. We also had three or four holding calls. You get long yardage, it's not as easy to run the football. You're not looking at all of the circumstances in the right context. Penalties, that really hurt us. It really put us behind the chains. Like I said, the roughing the kicker was huge."

On Trevor Knight's interception.

"Just execute better. You have to see the linebacker in the window. It's not hard to figure out. We have to execute better. Don't throw it to them."

On the status of the program.

"It's a game. It's one game. We are in a situation where we have three more games. We're 6-3, much like a year ago. I was asked in the middle of the year where we were, and we were 5-2. Now we are 6-3 and have three games to play. That's where we're at."

On if he is angry?

"I'm a lot of things, but I'm not going to sit here and express them to you so you guys can have headlines and all of that. I don't feel I need to do that. No, I'm not happy at all. I'm very displeased."

Josh Heupel

On Sterling Shepard.

"We were planning on having Sterling and thought he would be ready to play early in the week and through the middle of the week. Ultimately he couldn't go today. We had other guys who were in a position, had practiced enough. We should have been able to go out and execute and perform better than we did today and handle the adversity in a fickle situation. Ultimately we lost a playmaker who is versatile. We missed him today."

On his thoughts about the game.

"Honestly today is an extremely disappointing game and at the same time when you look at the first quarter, the first drive didn't go well but we were quick to respond. There were some crucial plays in the game that we did not make and they did. We did not execute the way we were supposed to and we didn't handle the adversity the way you need to against a good football team. That's why the outcome is the way it is."

His thoughts on the game plan.

"Did I believe and did our kids believe in what we were doing going into that ball game? Yeah I do. Did they execute perfectly? No, but you never do. We responded to things in the first quarter. We made plays in the first quarter. I don't think we executed the way we needed to or handled the adversity the way we needed to. There are a few critical plays you have in a ball game and we were not on the right side of those plays."

Mike Stoops

On what happened to the defense.

"I think it is always a combination of things. Defensively, this league is going to exploit your weaknesses, there is too good of personnel across the board. The coaching philosophies are some of the best in the country. There is a reason they have 590 or 690 average yards, it is pretty ridiculous. That is the stress. Not being able to cover better is something that has hurt us at times. Being able to play tight coverage is something you have to be good at. It is something we have to look at. Like I said, they are going to exploit weaknesses."

On Julian Wilson.

"He couldn't tackle. They throw a hitch out there and he (Wilson) missed him and the guy ran for another 20 yards. If you can't tackle you shouldn't be out there. He had a broken thumb. He had a cast on. He broke his thumb somewhere in the first half and they casted him up."

Ahmad Thomas

On Baylor's short passes.

"It wasn't tough; we've just got to come up and make a tackle. Sometimes we missed, sometimes we made it."

Dominique Alexander

On the roughing the punter penalty.

"It was a big one . . . We had them stopped. We had a three and out, and then we ran into the punter, and then I guess they got the momentum from there."

Zack Sanchez

On the game in general.

"Every aspect of the game we got beat and it's not acceptable by any means, especially here. Something has to change and we have to fix a lot of things."

Durron Neal

On Sterling Shepard.

"We knew all week that he may not be able to go. He's a big play receiver and it's always fun having him out there and seeing him make all those plays for us, but I feel like as a receiving core we handled it well. We support him and we know he goes out there and balls hard every play. We just have to play for him."