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Spokesperson | Trevor Knight Left The Stadium Under His Own Power

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Things were bad for Oklahoma on Saturday against the Baylor Bears...they were real bad as Baylor secured their first ever win at Oklahoma Memorial Stadium. An already hushed home crowed became deathly silent late in the game when quarterback Trevor Knight took a hard shot on a fourth down scramble.

The blow left Knight injured on the field for several minutes as trainers and medical personnel administered aid. Ultimately Knight was carted off on a backboard but did have the ability to wave to fans and point his fingers upwards to the sky. As the final minutes of the game ticked away Sooner Nation was less concerned in the final score of a blowout loss and more so with their sophomore quarterback.

Good news came out late Saturday afternoon that Knight had left the football facility under his own power and was smiling. He'll be evaluated later own (which leads me to believe he suffered a concussion) but appears to have avoided any sort of significant injury.