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Oklahoma Sooners Get Routed by Baylor Bears 48-14 / Post Game Thread

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

It was hard to continue to watch this game. The Sooners looked great at the end of the 1st quarter and even with the sloppy 2nd quarter mistakes, the game looked to winnable as the teams took the field to begin the 2nd half. Then a coaching and adjustment meltdown proceeded to lead to an embarrassing performance. Crimson and Cream Machine will have much more in the way of postgame coverage, but until then, here are some quick thoughts regarding this stinker of a performance.

1. Wonder how bad Knight's injury really is? Hopefully just a stinger. There are things bigger than football and I pray that he will make a full recovery.

2. The defensive gameplan was atrocious. Mike Stoops crapped down his leg in this game and delivered a terrible performance. Is it possible to give a grade worse than F?

3. Julian Wilson letting the coaches know his disappointment was absolutely the right thing to do.

4. Trevor Knight has some great throws, but think inexplicable interceptions. Frustrating.

5. OU must learn how to be a better short yardage team. Crazy that they can't block and get a yard or two when needed.

6. Trevor Knight hurdling the Baylor defender will be lost after this beat down, but it was a great play.

7. I think the OU defensive coaches gameplan was to increase Bryce Petty's completion percentage. For that the coaches get an A+++++

8. Hunnicutt needs to get the mental side of his game figured out.

9. Please don't blame the uniforms for this result.

10. This defense was clearly overrated in preseason, but the scheme deployed by the OU coaches makes it much worse.

12. The roughing the kicker call was at the worst possible time and I believe a terrible call. Completely changed the course of the game.

13. Daryl Williams had a really really bad day.

14. Andrew Billings is a really good football player.

15. WVU blitzed and pressed receivers, Texas blitzed and pressed receivers, and OU primarily rushed 3 and dropped cornerbacks 8-10 yards off in coverage. This is crazy.

16. The fans booing in the 3rd quarter was not directed at players, but coaches.

17. The most frustrating part of this loss (and the losses throughout the season) is that I fully believe that OU is more talented than any team its played.

18. There were 2 bright spot today 1) Michiah Quick 2) The Sooners better used their timeouts