Sooner Nation Podcast (11-2-14) | So It's OK To Run The QB Now?


The Sooners completely destroyed Iowa State on Saturday which raised more than a few eyebrows. It wasn't the final score of 59-14 that had Oklahoma fans questioning things, rather it was the shift in philosophies that made us wonder. I believe that I can explain why the defense suddenly became more aggressive (and why that's good news for next week) but we'll keep searching for answers on the quarterback run game. We'll also address the Sterling Shepard injury, and possible ramifications of not having him next week, along with the players that get our vote for offensive and defensive players of the game. We've got the Big 12 recap to go over and will explain why you need to cheer for Kansas State to beat TCU on Saturday. That's right, we need the Wildcats to stay unbeaten. I promise that I'll explain. Finally, we'll tell you what we learned about college football this weekend.