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Oklahoma Sooners Football Recruiting / Kahlil Haughton Has In-Home Visit with Stoops

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Kahlil Haughton is one of the most important recruits for the class of 2015. The 6'2" 180lbs. safety from Waco, TX was one of the first safety offers for this class. The Sooners made their interest in Haughton known tonight as he was the first recruit to receive an in-home visit from Bob Stoops. That speaks volumes to where the Sooners see Haughton fitting into their plans.

Haughton appears to be down to three teams (OU, Baylor, Arkansas), with probably the Bears being the biggest threat to Haughton being a Sooners.

Bob Stoops even posed for a picture with Haughton that ended up on twitter:

(That jersey might just be a tad too small)

One of the keys to righting the ship and making the improvement necessary in the years to come, is for the Sooners to win some major recruiting battles over the next couple months. While only a 3 star recruit, Haughton is clearly a Plan A recruit for the Sooners.

Look for mulitple articles to come out over the next few weeks as the coaches begin to have in-home visits with the class of 2015.