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College Football Saturday Open Thread

It's the next to last college football Saturday of the season so make the most of it. We'll be all day talking about the action. Hit us up with your comments.

David Banks/Getty Images

Big 12 Schedule

Kickoff Game TV
11:00 AM West Virginia at Iowa State FOX Sports 1
2:30 PM Baylor vs. Texas Tech ABC/ESPN 2
3:00 PM Kansas at Kansas State FOX Sports 1

National Games of Interest

Kickoff Game TV
11:00 AM Michigan at Ohio State ABC
11:00 AM Georgia Tech at Georgia SEC
11:00 AM South Carolina at Clemson ESPN
11:00 AM Kentucky at Louisville ESPN 2
2:30 PM Mississippi St at Mississippi CBS
6:45 PM Auburn at Alabama ESPN

If total anarchy is what you want then you'll need to pull for Baylor, Michigan, Mississippi and Alabama. That'll send a Baylor/TCU type of argument to a national level and make next weekend even more suspenseful.

Speaking of next looks as if Bedlam is going to be an 11:00 AM kickoff. At this point I'm pretty indifferent to it. Might as well keep a routine, right?'s whatever.

For your viewing pleasure. Big 12 Refs Ice Skating