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Friday Locks | Bringing You Some Thanksgiving Leftovers

Everyone had a winning record last weekend but me. I'm hoping that Auburn can lead me back to the winner's column this week.

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Last Week





St. Sooner









St. Sooner

My Thanksgiving leftovers in Friday Locks form... an ode to the football fowl (except Oregon, because scr#w Oregon).

I'll take South Carolina (+4.5) to beat the spread over Clemson, because Gamecocks would make fine eating..

I'll snag Virginia Tech (+1) in the slight upset over Virginia.  Per Wikipedia, "The team mascot is the HokieBird, a turkey-like creature. The teams were originally known as the "Fighting Gobblers," and the turkey motif was retained despite the name change."

I guess I'll take Ohio State (-21) for dessert -- "Buckeye" is also the name of a breed of chicken originating in Ohio.  Seriously, look it up.


Ohio St. (-21) vs Michigan - In a rivalry game, the Buckeyes look to make a statement. The final spot in the playoff could fall into their hands and they don't let it slip away to the Wolverines this weekend.

Nebraska (off) vs Iowa - Nebraska has been ranked for a majority of the season. I'm not giving up hope just yet especially when they play an Iowa team that lost to Iowa St. earlier this year. In a pick em, I'll take the Cornhuskers every time.

Kentucky (+13) vs Louisville - This would be a very interesting matchup on the hardwood. Unfortunately it's not. The Wildcats are looking to become bowl eligible but I'm not 100% certain they can do it. However, I think they can make things interesting and keep Louisville from covering the spread.


Ohio State (-21) over Michgian 42-20. Ohio State is making a push to be the final team in the playoff. They beat the Wolverines with ease. 

Wisconsin (-14) over Minnesota 27-13. The Badgers will face the Buckeyes in the BIG championship. The game will be close till late, where the Badgers pull away. 

Bama (-9) over Auburn 31-10. This series is crazy and games can go either way, but I don't see it this year. Bama is much more talented and the game is in Tuscaloosa. Tide will win going away.


Akron (-3) at Kent State - Kent State is 1-9 and ranked 125th in the nation in scoring. How are they only a 3-point dog? I'll take the Zips.

West Virginia (even) at Iowa State - This is one of those lines that I just don't get. I'll take it though! Give me the Mountaineers and let's go!

Auburn (+9) vs. Alabama - Holy cow! Bama nearly a double digit favorite? I'm not saying they can't win but I am saying that I don't think it'll be by more than a touchdown.