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Ranting And Raving | What UCLA Basketball Fans Are Saying About 75-65 Loss To Oklahoma

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The Oklahoma Sooners scored their first ever win over UCLA in basketball in the Battle 4 Atlantis Tournament, in the Bahamas, on Wednesday afternoon with a final score of 75-65. It was also Oklahoma's first win over a ranked opponent this season and the Bruins first loss. As we've typically done through the football season we thought we'd troll on by SBN's UCLA site (Bruins Nation) to see what the discussion was about.

We were pretty high on Bruins guard Bryce Alford in our game thread but surprisingly they weren't in theirs. UCLA was ranked #22 nationally and undefeated going into the game but you wouldn't know it based on some of their thoughts and comments. Here are a few highlights from the game thread.

With a 4-0 record heading to the Bahamas it would be natural to be a bit overconfident and look ahead a bit to Butler in round two.

Butler poised to beat NC

Game will be starting late


How did Butler look?

Seems like that would make today even more important as it would seem that we would have easier road through to the finals if we can win today.

Butler has looked more like a team

UNC made a ton of mistakes, though. They seem like a young team learning to play together.

They completely out hustled UNC

Stat of the game Butler 29 Offensive Rebounds to 26 Defensive Rebounds for North Carolina.

There was also a good amount of anticipation leading up to the game but I'm pretty sure you could say that was true for both sides.

Looking forward to see

How the offense and ball movement look. It has been pretty good so far early in the year. I hope it continues as we play more quality teams.

Even though it's a neutral site and looks like a cozy gym,

I can’t get over the nerves factor. Looney and Hamilton especially. I’ll feel good about it if they get past the first 4-8 minutes without getting into foul trouble, and keeping it close.


Looks like playing in a casino with flashing lights at floor level

Louisville, KY for UCLA class of '87

It is in a ballroom, literally

The game starts!

Make that three.

Alford feeds Parker


Nice pass by Alford and finish by Parker there

Looney should not be taking threes

9-0 run

Fast break by Powell

The first real conversation about Alford takes place with UCLA holding the lead and this may be the highest they were on him all day.

First time catching a game

Balford looks improved. True?

Offensively, yes

Defense is still lol

what about PG skills?

Still not a pure PG

Better passing ability but he’s still more of a 2 guard

The Sooners wen't on a late first half run and you can legitimately say that UCLA's switch to the zone defense had a lot to do with it. Bruins fans were pretty much writhing in pain watching.

UCLA goes zone out of the timeout

Defense breaking down


Can we please stop this zone experiment?


Back to man.

For now.

This dude is making some ridiculously deep 3s

15-14 UCLA

As Oklahoma's late first half run continued it was pretty clear that momentum was shifting towards the OU side of the court.

Bruins missing way too many easy shots

Welsh looking super uncoordinated

Welsh looks like a newborn pony out there.

We are not very deep and look very small compared to OU

Which is ironic because Oklahoma doesn't seem to want to attack us inside.


16-15 OU

Bail just picked up his second foul.

3 subs in at once and Ok on 8-0 run


Oklahoma looks like a Top 10 team

We cannot make a shot.

Hamilton is having an awful day

Please play the starters


They're in

And we will come back

Cannot... make... a free throw...

Killing us

Free throw shooting is awful

It's halftime!

Absolutely teribble first half

BUT Only down 5. Looney needs to get going on offense in the 2nd half and keep our key guys out of foul trouble.


I thought Parker played a good half.

He was almost perfect

A bad fade away double teamed but other than that he was great.


I thought we were pretty solid defensively but unfortunately didn't get much in transition.

Our zone was not that good

But the man to man was actually good.


The perimeter defense on the zone got destroyed – they had a clinic shooting from 3-land early on.

How do we defend that?

Play man D? Go 3-2 zone? (does that even exist lol)

Things started out well for UCLA in the second half but they quickly deteriorated.

Alford ties the game!


omg I really wish Spangler's first name was Egon.

Parker charge

Picks up his third fourth

Time for

Welsh to become a man.

That's might be the game

Parker has 4


Adios Tony for a long time. That's 4. :(

Hamilton with a terrible pass attempt

the game might have just ended on that foul


Major disappointment this season


I don't agree.

He’s playing in his first collegiate games. He’s had some good moments and I see a lot of potential. He’s a good defender and his offense will come.

I feel like every pass from him this game is a lazy pass

and a TO

And the lead.

MASSIVE momentum swing


Looney with the dunk, Welsh with the celebration.

But Welsh, crash more like that.

Who put a quarter in Looney?


Looney will be a top 5 draft pick... This is amazing.

Looney has a double double already

Coming out party for Looney

I don't think there was any contact on that play!

Hamilton tried to flop and fall on his own without even touching the OU player


He was flopping before the guy got there.

Here come the true feelings on Alford as well.

What was that shot by Alford?!

Wtf I’m confused…

Alford is a gunner

He has been very good overall but at least twice he has done WTF shots

If Alford would have hit that shot

I would have thrown up. He is actually much improved in my opinion from last year.

And more foul trouble to go with it.

Bryce starting to jack it up

Fourth foul on Powell

Damn Powell just put your hands up!


No call on our end, and that's a foul?

Someone climbs on Welsh - no call

Barely graze Oklahoma player – foul

Ticky tack on Powell and we get hacked an no call?!

59-57 OU 7:30 to play

Refs screwing us

Not sure

I don’t think our bench can score

Looney picks up foul #4

Ticky tacky

LA Bruin

How many with 4 fouls?



Norman, Looney and Parker.



Fouls are going to determine this game

Now for the worst on Alford...and a little humor

Bryce slips out of bounds


Alford slips and falls

Everything seems stacked against us


Ignominious ending to a decent game by Balford


how's balford been the rest of the game

because ever since i started watching, he’s been horrible


I watched the second half

Looked like someone who doesn’t deserve to be in a UCLA uniform.

Looney and Alford

Were the two best players for us today. Powell struggled on both ends seems like he couldn’t get a rhythm. Hamilton threw a lot of lazy passes out there


The fact that Alford was one our "best players" today

Underscores the state of this program.

Bryce's Body Language

Yes, he made some shots today. But his body language is always terrible. Does not look like a leader.

At least we made the elite eight of this tourney


And even though we lost, we'll be in the elite eight tomorrow!


We should make Tshirts!