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Oklahoma Sooners Run Over the Kansas Jayhawks 44-7 / Post Game Thread

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

I wonder where to start with this game (sarcasm). I've run out of words to describe Samaje Perine. Incredible..Outstanding..Invincible... all of these seem to fall short of the performance that Perine put on as the Sooners just ran over the Jayhawks. Crimson and Cream Machine will have a lot more in the way of post game coverage but here are some quick snapshots after this soggy but great afternoon in Norman.

Let us know your post game thoughts in this thread!!

1. Just a reminder that Perine is a TRUE Freshman. He ran over, through, around, and by the Jayhawks on the day ending with 427 yards and every imaginable record. A performance for the ages.

2. Aaron Ripkowski was punishing linebackers on the day opening up holes all over the field.

3. OU's OL completely controlled this game as well from the start.

4. Lost in Perine's performance was the defense coming up big, forcing punts and giving the Jayhawks nothing through the air or on the ground.

5. Ahmad Thomas had a bit of redemption on the day with a great leaping INT.

6. Hope Quentin Hayes isn't hurt too bad, although putting no weight on a foot is never good.

7. The game didn't start at 11am which was great.

8. Pretty good fan turnout for the game in spite of the weather. Still lots of people missed out on an all time performance.

9. Cody Thomas is still a MAJOR work in progress, although the weather did him no favors.

10. The OU coaches using a timeout to recognize Perine's accomplishment was pure GREATNESS.

11. Last weather delay in Norman resulted in one of the flukiest losses in Bob Stoops tenure as the Red Raiders dominated. That was certainly not the case today.

12. Not sure what happened to Keith Ford today, hopefully just a player having an off day, but a rough performance no doubt.

13. The Kansas defenders jersey started to turn pink real quick in this game.

14. Glad the OU coaches still let Thomas run, even though Bell was out of the game today.

15. I guess that Durron Neal would have been the emergency QB.

16. If Josh Heupel would have called games all season like he did in 2nd half of TTech and Kansas, I wonder if OU doesn't just have one loss right now.

17. I'm not one to be overly critical of the coaches, but Sterling Shepard had NO business returning punts in crappy weather on a slick, wet field

18. Next year this team adds Joe Mixon and Rodney Anderson.

19. 8-3, not ideal, but much better than 7-4.

20. Looking forward to smacking the Pokes in a few weeks.