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Oklahoma Sooners Football Opponent Q&A | Talkin' Jayhawks With Rock Chalk Talk

Now that I'm back from my world travels we can commence with the Friday Q&A's. Up today is misterbrain from Rock Chalk Talk to dish out the info on Oklahoma's next opponent.

Ed Zurga/Getty Images

CCM: I feel like we need to start off with the coaching situation. Charlie Weis getting fired is old news but the way the team has been playing since his departure is something to talk about. What are they doing differently in post-Weis era?

RCT: Really, the main difference is that Bowen is allowing and encouraging the staff to change things on the fly and find what works.  The biggest sign of this was the switch from Montell Cozart to Michael Cummings in the Oklahoma State game.  Even though it didn't lead to a win there, it set the precedent that the gameplan could change as needed. That was something we never expected when Weis was there.

CCM: The Jayhawks had TCU on the ropes last week. Do you feel like that'll be a confidence builder for the remainder of the season or will it not factor at all?

RCT: It definitely will be a confidence boost, but I'm not sure that the talent levels are close enough together for it to make a difference in this game.  Next week against K-State though...?

CCM: Quarterback Michael Cummings seems to be a big factor in the Jayhawks improvement on offense. Why was he not the starter from the beginning?

RCT: Speculation is because Cozart was a Charlie Weis recruit, but I'm willing to believe that Cozart showed something in preseason camp.  This issue we had in Weis' time here is that he got so set on having "that guy" at QB, meaning he picked someone early and stuck with them until all hope was lost.

CCM: Oklahoma fans are hoping that the Jayhawks get a steady dose of running back Samaje Perine as a part of the offensive game plan. How strong is the Kansas defense against the run?

RCT: The run defense has been kind of hit or miss, but I'd say they are fairly stout, especially up the middle.  There has been some issues with speed on the edge, especially in passing situations, but rushing should definitely be the weapon of choice for the Sooners tomorrow.

CCM: Corey Avery and De'Andre Mann are both averaging over four yards per carry. Is the Kansas rushing attack underrated?

RCT: I think it is a little bit, but only because the Kansas offense as a whole has been a bit underrated since Cummings took over as QB.

What's interesting is that the running attack has been fairly consistent all year, even behind a suspect offensive line.  But with Cozart in the game, the passing offense was so bad that the running game couldn't sustain drives.  Now that Cummings is playing, the flashy catches by Jimmay Mundine and Nigel King (among others) are overshadowing the solid contributions from the running game.

If the Jayhawks keep this one close, it's going to be because the running game has a big day.

CCM: Prediction time. Tell us how you see this game going on Saturday.

RCT: I'm envisioning a close game at halftime, maybe even a Jayhawk lead. But at some point, Oklahoma will get a crucial stop/huge special teams play that will shatter the KU momentum and Oklahoma ultimately eeks this one out.

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