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Wednesday Morning Bulletpoints -- 11/19/14

A shot of bulletpoints with a Bill Withers chaser.

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  • Happy Wednesday, Sooners fans! I hope your Monday was happy, too, and your Tuesday to boot. I was done in by a lousy internet connection. I can only hope that my Sooner love has some sort of weird Dr. Who time-machine effect that transcends time and space.
  • I’ll go ahead and rip this band-aid off right now: I watched very little of this game. HolaKyle’s gone MIA since the Baylor game, and I was in a car for much of the contest. These bulletpoints may, therefore, be even more skewed towards the snark and less towards the analysis than they generally are.
  • The fun thing about being on the road in west Texas during the game was being able to hear the Texas Tech radio broadcast. I’ll admit, during that first half, it was everything that I could do not to pull over, ask an obliging Texan if I could borrow their unconcealed firearm from them, and shoot my car stereo, but there was something refreshing about hearing an announcer yell like a Mexican futbol broadcaster whenever the Raiders scored. I honestly think we’ve got a better thing going in Toby and Merv, but I am unabashedly biased.
  • I was able to catch some of the second half on TV after we arrived at our destination. (I was traveling with my girlfriend to visit her grandmother, who has Alzheimer’s.) So I’ll get my only two “I-watched-some-of-the-game” thoughts before I descend into the seventh circle of snarkidom:
  • SAMAJE PERINE! Kid continues to run… angry. Angry that someone playing for Texas Tech would even try to tackle him. Angry that anybody thought in preseason that losing Joe Mixon (more on him later) meant we were screwed at runningback. Angry that there were molecules of nitrogen, between him and the goal line. That run where he looked like he had been about to be tackled, planted a hand, and kept going the distance reminded me of the Herman Melville classic “Bartleby the Scrivener” – “I prefer not to.” (I’m hopeful Hofeld or DeCray can provide a link to the run; me, I’ll provide a link to “Bartleby the Scrivener,” because I got my minor in English at OU.)
  • CODY THOMAS! Let’s not kid ourselves here, this kid ain’t Jason White or Sam Bradford. Or at least not yet. His throwing touch hasn’t been close to what us rabid fans want, which is perfection. The first two first-half interceptions, however, were ridiculously bad. It’s hard to remember that this kid was recruited like crazy out of high school. That said, he broke 100 yard rushing – something he wasn’t recruited to do. The focus on Perine left Thomas able to pretty much do whatever he wanted: on one of his rushes, a 35-yard gain, he basically faked the handoff, went ten yard laterally to ask the coaches if this was the play he was supposed to run, went across the field to ask a Texas Tech cheerleader for her phone number, sat down in the middle of the field to contemplate the question “Will the world end in fire or in ice?” then ran for his 35 yard gain. That 35 yard run was longer than the Great Wall of China, while Texas Tech defenders were still trying to tackle Perine, who didn’t have the ball.
  • Okay, on this notion that Kliff Kingsbury is a good-looking head coach?  I’m a straight male, and therefore am not qualified to comment on the question.  But am I the only person who thinks he looks just like Tim Roth in Reservoir Dogs?
  • Kingsbury Raybans
    Roth Dogs
  • And again....
  • It’s on us.  <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  • My drive back from New Braunfels took me through a lot of Big XII country. I hit construction in Austin, which was rather symbolic of Texas’s season. The brand-spankin’-new Baylor stadium in Waco is just off of I-35, and y’all, it’s REALLY nice. Didn’t get to see much TCU stuff passing through Ft. Worth because I was too busy trying not to get killed by Texas drivers. But I did manage to stop for gas in… PFLUGERVILLE! (Everybody take a shot.) I didn’t explore the town, but I didn’t notice any 50’ statues of Samaje yet. I guess they’re waiting until he turns 19 or something.
  • Next up is Kansas, and this is a squad that’s reeling. They shot just 19.6% against #1 Kentucky last night en route to an embarrassing 72-40 blowout in Indianapolis. (ST. SOONER’S PHONE RINGS. “Yeah? Hofeld? Oh, we’re talking about football? Okay. Right. Sorry. My bad. Do you mind if I throw in my long-held belief that John Calipari is a dirty coach? Oh, you probably would rather I didn’t say that? Okay, I won’t. Thanks for the call.”)
  • Next up is Kansas, and this is a squad that’s reeling. They might be feeling pretty good right about now after a game in which they shocked the nation by playing competitively against TCU. OU might conceivably be playing these guys at exactly the wrong time, as this is a group of kids playing for pride while ours is a squad many believe are emotionally behind the 8-ball.
  • Kansas’s interim head coach is Not Charlie Weis. (I’m told he actually prefers to go by Clint Bowen, but whatever.) Coach Not Weis may have hit upon something many Sooners fans believe when he said, ““It shows the diversity of (Oklahoma’s) offense,” Bowen said, “that in the course of one game they can switch identities in a hurry and have equal success.” (I’m not a part of the pitchforks-and-torches crowd, but I like to throw them something every now and then so they don’t show up in front of my house at midnight.)
  • Just my personal opinion, I may be right or wrong, but the first step in the revitalization of our proud Sooner tradition needs to be remembering that WE DON’T LOSE AT HOME. Either to Kansas or the ’85 Chicago Bears. In that narrow 34-30 loss to TCU, the Kansas quarterback was apparently playing with a dinged-up arm. I’d prefer not to see that kid achieve folk hero status of beating OU for the first time since 1996 while playing through an injury. Mssrs. Striker and Ndulue, you’re on notice.
  • In case you never check the sidebar, longtime CCM friend Acroguy put up a fanpost a couple days ago that I think deserves reading: “And then along came Bob.” Really good stuff. Thanks, Acro, if I ever see you, the first beverage of your choice is on me.
  • Peace and love, Sooners fans!  Matter of fact, I’m so full of love this morning, I’mma leave you with THE GREAT Bill Withers to tell you how great I hope your Wednesday is.  The Negative Nancy cloud that I’ve been feelin’ around the Oklahoma football state, this seems like it could use a listen or two.
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