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Oklahoma Sooners Football / Trevor Knight Out for Kansas Game

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Numerous reports have surfaced confirming that Trevor Knight will not play this Saturday against Kansas. Trevor Knight has not been cleared to play and the health of a player far outweighs on the field success.

To further complicate things, Cody Thomas looked like a QB capable of having some success in this Sooner offense. If you forget his 1st half, Thomas looked quick, agile, made some really good decisions, and ended up leading the Sooner offense that ran over Texas Tech on Saturday. He is not Trevor Knight, and I am not calling for a quarterback change, but Cody Thomas (and a final schedule of Kansas and Oklahoma State) allows the Sooner coaches to the ability to not rush Knight back.

It's too early to call this the Cody Thomas era, as he still must develop in the passing game as 10 for 20 and 133 yards passing with 1 TD and 3 INT is downright bad (although he was 3 for 3 with a TD in the 2nd half. Thomas also appeared to be much more of a threat in the running game as he added 103 yards rushing and a TD.

The backup QB is often the most popular player and the team and it appears that Sooner fans will get a shot to see what they have in Thomas over the next few weeks. Here's to hoping that not only that Thomas plays stellar football, but also that Trevor Knight returns to full health as quick as possible!