And then along came Bob

I'm a 65 year old man who mostly grew up in Oklahoma, followed OU football since I can remember, and graduated from OU in 1971. When we lost to ND to end the streak I was 8 years old and thought that it must be a mistake because I couldn't remember ever losing a football game. We weren't supposed to lose! I remember thinking Bud Wilkinson was the smartest man in the world and knew more about football than anybody else. The 60's were awful because we went to Gomer Jones (Go Gomer) and had almost a decade of mediocre football until Jim Mackenzie came along and actually beat Texas again. After his untimely death he was followed by Chuck Fairbanks who started the restoration of the program and then came "The King" Barry Switzer. The Switzer years were a marvelous ride but by the time it ended I was sick of it. My beloved alma mater's football program was embarrassing because it was literally rotting from the inside out. I think Barry was a great coach and a marvelous human being but he was presiding over a cesspool by the time he left. After Barry left we were then subjected to coaches who got progressively worse. You know the names Gibbs, Schnellenberger and Blake. (It ALMOST made me wish for the cesspool years again). I've lived in Austin, Tx for the last 36 years so the 90's were TOTALLY AWFUL for me. (except for the occasional years that we were able to defeat our main rival)

An then along came Bob. First year was great! Leach's offense and the new defense from the Stoops brothers made me think........this is going to be good! Then, the next year we blow out Texas (that was REALLY sweet) and go on to win the National Championship. SALVATION HAD COME TO SOONER FOOTBALL! Since then we've had many more good to excellent years. Hell, since Bob took over, we've only had 3 of the 16 season with less than 10 wins! I know there's much disenchantment with the present team and the direction we SEEM to be heading but I think this disenchantment is a bit misplaced. I would love to see Mangino return to take over the offense and maybe hire Muschamp to take over the defense but I'm not the head coach and I really think that Bob knows what he's doing.

What I absolutely love about Sooner football now is that we consistently have a good to excellent football team AND we have a team of which I'm totally PROUD. A team with CHARACTER AND INTEGRITY.

You can thank Bob Stoops for that.

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