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Oklahoma Sooners Football: Trevor Knight Ruled Out for Texas Tech Game

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Most people knew that this was inevitable but earlier today it was confirmed. Multiple sources including and have confirmed that Trevor has not been cleared to play and will not be apart of Saturday's game in Lubbock. While this news is not exactly shocking it does mean several things for the Sooners.

1) Cody Thomas will be making his first start as a Sooner. Thomas has all the tools (6'4, strong arm, and deceptive speed once he gets running) to run the offense. This will however be quite a challenge as the not only will the weather be awful in Lubbock on Saturday, but Thomas has little experience. Thomas is 7 for 16 on the season for a combined 50 yards with 1 interception. The Sooners will need to rely heavily on the run game to have success in Lubbock.

2) Blake Bell will be the emergency QB, which could limit his snaps at TE. The Sooners depth is thin without Knight and I don't believe the Sooners have any desire to burn the redshirt of Justice Hansen.

In the end I don't believe Knights injury will keep the Sooners from getting a victory in Lubbock. The Sooner fans and coaches will have to patient and not expect immediate success from Thomas. Further Heupel must craft a game plan (read RUN THE BALL) that doesn't put Thomas in situations that will result in mistakes. This will surely be an interesting thing to watch as Sooners take on the Red Raiders this Saturday in Lubbock.