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Bob Stoops | Knight Injury "Somewhere In His Shoulder & Neck"

Brett Deering

The Oklahoma Sooners' starting quarterback, Trevor Knight, was sacked by Grant Campbell of the Baylor Bears during the fourth quarter. Following the hit, Knight found himself lying immobilized on the field only to be carted off soon after. Pointing to the sky and waving as he was leaving the stadium, it was later reported that Knight left under his own power.

On Sunday, the young quarterback underwent an MRI as well as an X-Ray tweeting out that he was "thankful for good results."

During the coaches' show on Sunday evening, Head Coach Bob Stoops went on record stating the injury was "somewhere in his shoulder and neck." Can we take the talk of concussion off the table now?

As Monday's teleconference got underway, the state of Oklahoma's starting quarterback continued to be a concern. Addressing the issue, Sooner Nation was previewed to the information that Knight was not expected to practice and his status against Texas Tech remains unknown at this point in time.