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Stoops Made The Call To Hold Sterling Shepard Out | Leading Receiver Is Questionable For Next Week

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma lost their leading receiver for the remainder of the Iowa State game when Sterling Shepard pulled up injured on the Sooner's first offensive play of the game. The play was a 46-yard pass and despite suffering an apparent groin injury, Shepard still came down with the catch.

After being carted off the field, he returned a short time later to the sideline. The fact that he still had his uniform on made many speculate, and hope, that he'd be returning to action but Bob Stoops said after the game that, while it may have been the initial plan to bring him back, the greater need is to have him available next week.

"I'm hopeful it's just a strain," Stoops said about his junior receiver. "He was coming back to play, and I think it was already 21-7. And we said `Nah, let's try and rest him and be sure he'll be here next week. Now, I don't know whether he will be or not. We've got to wait and see."

Shepard is Oklahoma's leading receiver and it isn't even close. He has 50 receptions on the year with Durron Neal trailing him at 31. Shep also has caught five of Trevor Knight's nine touchdown passes this season. Yeah, the Sooners are going to need him next week. Stoops absolutely made the right call and hopefully he'll a week is enough time to heal.