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The non-Monday Morning Bulletpoints -- 10/6/2014

Supernatural. Extraterrestrial. Amphibious assault. Frog in my throat. Knightmare. Pablum. Cliche. Pablum. Blah blah blah. Oh, just scroll down to the clicky thing.

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  • Happy Monday, Sooners fans! Yes, I know, Mondays always feel a bit Mondayer than they generally Monday after an Oklahoma loss. It comes in the package of being a fan, you know? We’re insufferable when we win and we’re insufferable when we lose.
  • And much has been written, and much will still be written, about that loss, but I hope I speak for all Sooners fans when I congratulate the TCU Horned Frogs players, fans, and coaching staff, for a helluva a game.
  • A helluvan UGLY game!  (And I don’t think there’s a TCU person in the world who would disagree with me.)  When Knight’s Hail Mary drifted past the left corner of the TCU end zone, I checked my watch – 6:25 p.m.  Between all of the incomplete passes, the stoppages of game due to penalty, and the general folderol of the messabout, the game lasted for almost four hours.  Despite you may feel about the outcome, OU was neck-and-neck with the Horned Frogs until the end of four hours, with still a chance at Sooner Magic at the very end.  The outcome might not be what you would have wanted, but that was a game to remember.
  • (I will especially be remembering it when we play TCU in Norman next year. …)
  • So what do I have to add beyond that?  Not much.  Hofeld and DeCray have already sharpened their pens on the Why? Why? Whys?  They’re both better at that than I am.  I’m the color guy.  It’s a lonely gig, and random internet strangers fault me for being a bad (non-)journalist in anonymous comment sections.    But hey, my grammar is usually pretty square.  Just a couple of my own thoughts….
  • I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a quarterback quite like Trevor Knight.  I remember watching that Alabama game shellshocked – "He can do this?"  And so of course I had my binoculars and my notepad and my fanboy out for the Spring Game.  (I had terrible seats to the Spring Game, but go with me.)  And he looked terrible.  I mean, awful.  The easy swing passes – against a defense going at practice speed – were going a yard or two up, down, and sideways away from his intended receiver.  But then he threw up a few hundred against competition earlier in the year, and I thought, "Well, maybe it was a bad day."  Trevor certainly had a bad day on Saturday.  But he has certainly had good days.
  • For anyone calling for Josh Heupel’s head, I respectfully disagree with you.  "He gets paid how much, and I could call a better game than him!"  Okay, I might actually listen to your opinion once you get paid ¾ that much to do his job.  If Dana Holgorson or Mike Gundy said, "He’s a pretty bad offensive coordinator," them, I’d listen to.  I’ve very little patience for this.  It puts me in mind of my doctor friend who, as soon as WebMD came out, had a string of patients coming to him and telling him their diagnosis.
  • In my last bulletpoints of a couple weeks ago, I broached the question: is our defense really that good?  I got no takers on the question at the time, but I think I’d hear a word or two about our secondary this week….  (It was nice to hear Ahmad Thomas’s name a couple times in a positive light this time around, at least.  Players improve with playing.)
  • I especially don’t want to fall into that old trap of taking anything away from the game that TCU played.  Y’all, they’re contenders.  The offensive set that Sonny Cumbie has put in worked beautifully.  Trevone Boykin played out of his mind.  We always knew that Gary Patterson could coach defense, and that plan worked almost perfectly.  This isn’t just a case of "We lost this game," they also won it.
  • In other news, everybody else lost, too.  I haven’t given up hope of beating Baylor and making it to the Final Four.  So buck up, Buttercup.
  • Non-football University of Oklahoma link of the week: OU-TU Schools of medicine break ground of new public-private partnership building in Tulsa.
  • Peace and love, Sooners fans!  And if nothing that I wrote before that is able to shake you from your funk… it’s Texas Hate Week.  Get back in the fight, soldier.