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Oklahoma Sooners Football | Post Game Thread

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

I thought the Sooners were coming off a bye week and looked to be focused to continue their assault on the Big 12. This however was not the case. This game was a complete disaster all around. From poor execution, to poor coaching, to players blowing assignments, this game is was awful. Here are some quick post game thoughts from what is one of the worst performances that I have seen from the Sooners in a while.

1. Trevor Knight was off and it was bad. His 2nd half was probably the worst half of football for a player in a long time time.

2. Josh Heupel infuriates me with play calling. Continuing to ride the pass when it's not working is just craziness. Trevor Knight was off and yet he kept riding it.

3. Baker Mayfield needs to find a new set of signals to steal.

4. A career performance by Sterling Shepard was wasted.

5. OU still has big trouble running the football when it needs to.

6. Jordan Evans played great even in a loss.

7. The inability to line-up in a correct formation after coming out of a time out is maddening.

8. The depth at WR after Shepard is basically non-existent.

9. Trevor must learn to go through his progressions. Missed people all day who were open.

10. The coaches didn't put the players in a position to succeed. Coming off a bye week that is inexcusable.

11. RRS tickets will be pretty cheap this year

12. The Big 12 officiating is abhorrent and it showed on both sides today.

13. Zach Sanchez still can't tackle.

14. Boykin is good, but only rushing 3 pretty much all day means that he could do basically whatever he wanted.

15. The Sooners missed a real opportunity to put a stranglehold on the playoffs with the loss of Oregon and Bama.

16. Not sure how the OU secondary keeps blowing coverages.

17. Even though the defense was pretty awful, they gave the Sooners every chance in the 2nd half to win, only giving up one score.

18. I hope the Trevor Knight Sugar Bowl performance is not an anomaly.