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Oklahoma Sooners Football | Michael Hunnicutt's Career Not Defined By Off Day

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Following a disappointing loss, fans have mixed emotions towards Michael Hunnicutt, the Oklahoma Sooners' All-Time Leading Scorer. After nearly eliminating the kicking woes of the past...Saturday happened.

Call it poor technique or lack of attention to detail, etc...Oklahoma struggled mightily on special teams against Kansas St. However, I'm not one to say a career is defined by a single performance and apparently, neither is the Sooners' head coach. Bob Stoops went on record Monday afternoon defending the kicker during the weekly press conference.

"Let me say, Michael has been as consistent and as good a player as we've had here over the last four years. He's been a big part of a lot of wins," Stoops added. "He had a bad day or a couple of bad shots. It hasn't happened to him hardly at all. It came at a bad time. But we all respect him and think the world of him. We'll need him to win more games coming forward."

Stops said "he'll get over it quickly. He has a lot of character and toughness to him."

Although Hunnicutt appeared to have an off day, the good far outweighs the bad during the stint of the senior's career. Here are two of the kicker's career defining plays.

Touchdown Catch During Bedlam

47-yard Field Goal On The Big Stage

Other Accomplishments
  • Broke the freshman Big XII record with 21 field goals after taking over for Jimmy Stevens three games into the 2011 season as a redshirt freshman
  • Connected on the longest field goal of the Bob Stoops' Era at 53-yards
  • 2013 Groza Award Semifinalist
  • Passed DeMarco Murray for the title of Oklahoma's All-Time Leading Scorer earlier this year