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A Special Defeat: KSU defeats the Sooners 31-30 - Post Game Thread

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

This was a game that OU had every opportunity to win, but didn't. How did it come to this? Crimson and Cream machine will have much more in the way of post game coverage, but needless to say this loss stings. Here are some quick snap thoughts after a heartbreaking 31-30 loss.

1. Trevor Knight outside of 1 terrible throw, played a great football game.

2. Sterling Shepard is the best WR in college football.

3. Alex Ross played great at RB today.

4. Alex Ross also completely changes the way teams kick off to the Sooners.

5. Not sure if a celebrity singer said she had a crush on Hunnicutt, but the most head shaking performance that I have seen from him in his career.

6. Heupel two biggest and worst calls of the game came on the goal line. An out pass that was a pick six, and running out of the shotgun on 3rd and goal from the 1. I just can't get past how often Heupel looks like he is in over his head.

7. OU coaches must do a better job of using time-outs.

8. I hate the POP play, but its so effective.

9. Michiah Quick made an appearance today and came up big several times.

10. Durron Neal gets his 1st career TD reception as a JUNIOR.

11. Great job by Cody Thomas coming in during a really difficult situation and leading the Sooners to a TD drive.

12. The Sooners have no one to blame but themselves on this game. They handed KSU 14 points on the day.

13. This loss today means its one step closer to having 2 SEC teams in the playoff.

14. The talent difference on these two teams is vast, I happen to think the coaching difference on these two teams is probably just as vast.

15. Several years ago Bob Stoops was at a cross roads. That cross roads produced Montgomery, Boulware, and Bedenbaugh. I happen to think that another cross roads is quickly approaching or already a present reality for the Sooners.

16. What a painful loss......