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Friday Locks, The Late Night Version | The Irish Will Cover!

We like ND and the 12.points they're getting from FSU!

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Last Week





St. Sooner









St. Sooner

Gimme DUKE and the 3.0 over Virginia.  I actually don't care a white about this game, I just wanted to try out the novel feeling of predicting Duke will win a football game.

I'm sadly going to take LSU (-10) at home over Kentucky, although it pains me.  The silver lining that I see, though, is that the line is narrowing.  (Full disclosure, my mom's a UK grad.)

I'll also go for CINCINNATI and the two touchdowns against SMU.  Why has anyone pitched this as a job someone would want?


TCU (-8.5) vs Oklahoma St. - After a single score win over the Kansas Jayhawks, I'm not sold that the Cowboys are who I thought they were. They have a tough task ahead when traveling to Ft. Worth as the Horned Frogs have the ability to slow down the likes of Tyreek Hill. In the end, I think the revitalized offense and heavy hitting defense of TCU pulls out a 10 point victory.

Notre Dame (+12.5) vs Florida St. - In a big time matchup, the recruiting of ND over the past four years will shine. Give me the Fighting Irish to win this one straight up sending a controversy ridden Seminoles to the "defeated" ranks.

Virginia (+3) vs Duke - The Cavaliers are out for revenge after a loss to the Blue Devils last season. Make no mistake, Virginia has made progress throughout the year specifically on defense and will present a tough challenge for Duke. Without watching a ton of ACC football I could be off my rocker here though too.


If you took the opposite of every game I picked last week, you would have made some pretty good money. That being said here goes nothing. 

LSU (-10) over Kentucky 27-14. I would love to be wrong on this one, but I just don't see it. Kentucky is obviously much improved, but I just don't see them overtaking the Tigers at night in Baton Rouge. LSU is obviously not the LSU of the past decade, but they still will out athlete and wear down Kentucky. 

TTech (-13) over Kansas 38-21. Kansas played the game of its life last Saturday against the Pokes. They return to reality in Lubbock. This is an easy win for Tech. 

Texas over ISU (+12.5) 24-20. Both teams will struggle and the game will be sloppy. The Horns get their 3rd win of the season, but don't cover.  By the way this might be the last game Texas wins all season.


Baylor (-8) at West Virginia - I like what Mountaineers are doing this season, I really do, but I just don't see their defense allowing them to stay within eight points of Baylor. Give me the Bears and the points!

Cincinnati (-13.5) at SMU - Hasn't been a great season for Cincy by any stretch of the imitation but it hasn't been SMU bad either. The Mustangs are averaging just 7 points of offense per game. I'll take Cincinnati by at least two touchdowns.

Notre Dame (+12.5) at Florida State - Not sure if the Irish win this game or not but I think it'll be close regardless.