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Bill Snyder | "Oklahoma Is The Most Important Game That We'll Play This Year"

Bill Snyder and a few select Kansas State football players met with the media on Tuesday

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

There's no question that Saturday's game between Oklahoma and Kansas State is huge for both teams but Wildcats head coach Bill Snyder is billing it as the biggest game on the KSU schedule...or was he?

"I think it is the most important game that we will play this year coming up," Snyder said in his opening remarks to the media on Tuesday. "Last week, not the bye week, but the previous game before that was just as important. It is extremely significant. You only have 12 or maybe 13 opportunities to play our best out of 365 days. You cannot go through and pick and choose what is important and what is not. They all count - every single one of them counts. I think the idea of having a number of players from the state of Oklahoma in your program and that it is a border state come into play to a certain degree."

While you're still trying to figure out exactly what that opening statement means, Snyder also said that the Sooners were very familiar, offensively, to Auburn who beat the Wildcats 20-14 a month ago.

"I think they are athletically and physically similar," Snyder said. "Auburn was a very physical group up front. Oklahoma is a very physical group up front as well. I think both of them run extremely well."

It's clear that the Wizard of Big 12 coaches was talking of the Trevor Knight of 2013 and not necessarily the one we've seen to this point of the 2014 season. Snyder (like many OU fans have) is expecting the kid to run the football.

"Well you have to be prepared for the quarterback draw," Snyder said when asked about Knight, "the zone read aspect of it and just his ability to pull it down and scramble with it. If you are successful enough to cover receivers, he has good feet and can pull it out. Part of his 87 yards that he had against us last year came off of scrambles and intended passes. We not only have to defend him, but also the other players."

Quarterback Jake Waters is pretty excited about making his first trip to Norman. "We are excited for the opportunity," he said. "It is going to be a tough game obviously. To play a team like Oklahoma with all of their tradition, their great coaching, their great players that they have; it is going to be tough. I have never been there, but you have only heard great things about how hard it is to play there. It is definitely a challenge and we are excited for it."

Running back Charles Jones isn't as excited. He's taking the, "just another day at the office" approach.

"We just take it like every other team. Just prepare like we do every game. Every game is important. We are in Big 12 games now and so like I said we are going to have to bring our ‘A' game." - Charles Jones

Linebacker Will Davis thinks very highly of Oklahoma quarterback Trevor Knight. "He is fast," Davis said. "He is probably one of the fastest quarterbacks, probably, in the nation. I am not for sure on his exact 40 time or anything but you watch him on film and he can run. That is always dangerous when you have a dual-threat quarterback like that."

Finally, fullback Glenn Gronkowski says that K-State is out to prove something on Saturday. The Wildcats are undefeated in conference play and would like to remain that way.

"Obviously we want to prove a lot," Gronkowski said, "obviously we want to go out there and get a win. I think it is just to show that we are a legitimate team in the Big 12. Every team in the Big 12 is good, it does not matter who you are playing. Beating anyone on the road is tough, so we just want to go out there and prove ourselves."