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Oklahoma Sooners Cornerback Zack Sanchez Speaks Out On Headband Controversy

Zack Sanchez leads the Big 12 with five interceptions

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Sophomore cornerback Zack Sanchez had a great day in Dallas on Saturday. The former Freshman All-American recorded eight tackles and three pass breakups. However, his signature moment came in the second quarter when he stepped in front of at Tyrone Swoopes pass and returned it 43 yards for a score that put the Sooners up 17-3.

On Monday Sanchez was named as the Big 12's Defensive Player of the Week but then had to deal with the frustration of Oklahoma's head coach Bob Stoops. During the weekly teleconference with the media, on Monday morning, Stoops was made aware of some messages that Sanchez was wearing on his headband and eye patch.

Sanchez Headband

Bob Stoops wasn't happy with Sanchez's written shout outs.

Stoops was told that Sanchez had written "B.T.P. Frank Shannon" on his headband and "Free BM" on his eye black. The assumption was that former was a protest against the yearlong suspension of linebacker Frank Shannon and the eye black was a message about quarterback Baker Mayfield who has had his eligibility blocked by the NCAA.

"I'll address that," Stoops said during the teleconference. "That shouldn't be on there."

Did the media get it wrong though? According to Sanchez, the messages were not what they were speculated to be.

So Sanchez didn't deny having a message, or two, on his gear. He just said that it wasn't what was reported to Stoops on Monday morning. The difference between the two is that speaking out against the university and the conference could have more severe ramifications than a shout out to a friend and a cousin. Regardless, it probably isn't a good idea to send any messages, especially if they are about a suspended teammate.

After staying that he stands by the university and the decision to suspend Shannon, Stoops was asked if the players were allowed an outlet for making their feelings known on team matters.

"No, nothing team related is to be made public," Stoops answered, "and that's the same on Twitter, same on any social media, and I would regard that as social media. Team matters are to be with us. Period."