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The End Was Better Than the Beginning | OU-Texas Post Game Thread

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Do you feel like you just lost the game, even though the Sooners won? That's how many will feel after this day. Yet, the Sooners will gladly take a sloppy win over a loss any day. We will have much more post game coverage but this is the place for you to discuss your thoughts on the Sooners 31-26 victory over the Horns. Here are some quick snapshots from the victory.

1. Katy Perry messed up Trevor Knight

2. Blake Bell had some key grabs over the middle to help the Sooners in some difficult spots.

3. Zach Sanchez is the biggest boom or bust player on the OU team.He had a great form tackle in the 3rd quarter.

4. Alex Ross was a game changer today.

5. The OL got barely any push.

6. Jordan Evans is the best MLB in the the Big 12.

7. Would really like to file a missing person report for Charles Tapper. The guy has been MIA pretty much all year.

8. Ahmad Thomas is probably about to get passed on the depth chart by true freshman Stephen Parker.

9. Ripkowski was the catalyst to the biggest TD in the game.

10. Sterling Shepard is playing better than almost any WR in the Stoops era.

11. Devante Bond got some serious playing time today.

12. Michiah Quick needs reps, can't be much worse than drops by WR is crucial series.

13. Heupel was bad in 1st half, much better in 2nd half.

14. It's scary how good the OU defense makes opposing QB's look. Swoopes is not a good football player and the Sooners made him look like a Heisman trophy candidate.

15. Texas special teams are truly special.

16. Jordan Phillips played great, but got really tired in the 4th quarter.

17. Seems like a Shipley always plays well against the Sooners. Ready for him to graduate.

18. How did OU win this game?