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Hatin' On The Horns | At Least We Don't Worship A Castrated Cow

Bevo has no cojones!

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Texas fans like to come up with clever nicknames to belittle what it means to be a Sooner. One of those monikers that I find fascinating is "Land Thieves." I actually like that one and some have even been known to use the nickname to create a popular message board. What I find fascinating about this name is that Texas fans are pretty stoked to use it until you ask them why their state doesn't belong to Mexico anymore? Here come all of the irritated and irrational responses that try to explain how gaining territory by force, through war, is better then sneaking across the river at night to stake a claim. By the way, they also get irritated when you remind them that most of the "Land Thieves" came from Texas because they wanted out of that God forsaken state. You could even pour salt in the wound by pointing out that Texans are still coming across the border to win football championships.

At the end of the day it comes down to being proud of who you are and when it comes to OU and Texas it's pretty much a no-brainer. Embrace a better life that awaits to the north or stay and bow to the castrated cow. Yup, that's right Texas, your mascot has no cojones...just like your football team. Look on the bright side though. Bevo is just a four letter word and you guys are really good at expressing those. Shouldn't have any spelling errors there.


Drops the mic and walks away. My job is done here.