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Oklahoma Football Recruiting | Could Michiah Quick Be Down To Two Choice Schools?

Two weeks after announcing his top six, Michiah Quick eliminated two other programs. The casualties fell upon the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Oregon Ducks. However, the recruitment process continues as Quick has chosen to update his remaining choices via his twitter bio (@ItsQuicker). Adding to the conversation, one source has reported the receiver dropping the number to three yesterday.

Regardless of Greg Biggins tweet, Quick currently has the USC Trojans listed in his bio...not sure what to make of that. Yet, the situation continues to complicate itself. While I have been watching his bio list, random tweets listing two schools have gone out from Quick as early as January 16th.


Could the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Oklahoma Sooners really be his top two schools? Keep in mind, this is speculation but it has me scratching my head. It is widely believed by recruiting gurus that the Oklahoma has long been the front runner for the highly touted receiver. If it wasn't enough to hear it from the gurus, maybe 5-star running back and current OU commit, Joe Mixon can offer a little insight to the situation...

While we most likely will not hear of a decision until National Signing Day, the odds appear ever in our favor! Boomer!