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Sugar Bowl Quotables | Sooners Beat Bama 45-31

Here's what players and coaches were saying following Oklahoma's monumental upset of Alabama.

Kevin C. Cox

"I thought just some parts of the game, Trevor Knight, of course, was exceptional. I think he showed the whole country what we've been watching for two years in our practices and our scrimmages and things like that, that the game has started to slow down for him where he's really starting to feel comfortable in what he can do when he is." - Bob Stoops

"I wish it wouldn't have happened, but I'll definitely take the loss and definitely take the blame, because a lot of it is probably my fault." - AJ McCarron

"We won the turnover battle. We figured that would be a big part of the game." - Bob Stoops

"They were fired up and ready to play, like most teams we play. Everybody's got something to prove when they play against Alabama, and Oklahoma certainly did a good job in terms of how they performed tonight." - Nick Saban

"I remember, Geneo, in two-a-days, right, remember me calling the group up, and I said all I've heard for half the year is we don't have any D linemen. I said I count 10 of you right here. I guess we do have a D-line, huh?" - Bob Stoops

"Honestly, yeah. We have a lot of talent on our D-line, a lot of guys that can make plays. It's a matter of time before we were all able to get in a groove and execute." - Geneo Grissom

"It's very easy when you're not playing, sitting on the sideline, to put your head down. But that shows that our team, quarterback position and every position, that we just stayed the course. We kept battling every day at practice. So when it was our time to shine, we could go out and do that." - Trevor Knight

"The more snaps you get, the more comfortable you feel. The more completions you get, the more comfortable you feel. And it's all about just getting in that rhythm, hitting a few shots early, set the rhythm, the tone for the game." - Trevor Knight