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ESPN, Sports Trivia, & Bowing To Barry "The King" Switzer

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Oklahoma Sooners fans love of Barry Switzer knows no bounds. It is largely why he, to this day, continues to be referred to as "The King." Yesterday, ESPN's trademark segment titled "Sports Center" threw out a question to an eager twitter-verse with the prize of guaranteed free gear.

If you are up on sports trivia, you would recognize that Barry Switzer is one half of the answer while Jimmy Johnson is the other. With hundreds of "tweeple" trying their hand, none could anticipate what would transpire next.

The response?

Notice if you will, Switzer never attempts to answer the question during the interaction. Yet, ESPN awards him a t-shirt! The only conclusion I can draw from this episode falls upon the notion that Sports Center recognizes The King and simply bows in his presence.