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Sugar Bowl Turns Into A Knightmare On Bourbon Street For Bama | Sooners Win 45-31

Oklahoma freshman Trevor Knight passed for 348 yards and four touchdowns in an upset win over #3 Alabama.

Streeter Lecka

I don't know about you but I feel the same way after this game as I did after winning the championship in 2000. Oklahoma was a massive underdog but  fought and scrapped their way to one of the biggest upsets of the bowl season. There are so many angles to cover from this win, and we'll get to them soon, but for now here are a few things to enjoy while we're celebrating.

* Trevor Knight showed tonight what his true potential is as a quarterback, and he did it against one of the best defenses in the nation.

* Eric Striker is going to strike fear into the hearts of offensive coordinators for the next few years.

* This is a young team and right now the sky is literally the limit.

* The Sooners ended a "rebuilding" season season. The maturation of this team is amazing.

* Bob Stoops becomes the first coach to win all four BCS bowls and a BCS championship.

* I've never been more proud to have been wrong in my entire life.

* I guess Bob Stoops was right about the SEC.

We'll have more recaps posted later but, for now, let's enjoy this win and keep the celebration going.