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It's Monday. Which Means Bob Stoops Is Going To Meet With The Media And Say Things

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Today might actually be worth tuning into with expected updates on injuries to Tyrus Thompson, Aaron Colvin, and possibly Cortez Johnson.

Oh, and I guess there's that quarterback position too.

Our one major caveat is given Bob Stoops' track record, I'd take any timetable provided for any of the guys listed above with a considerable grain of salt (especially Trevor Knight).

Outside of that, likely to be business as usual. Except for today being Bob's birthday, so I'm sure somebody will have to make a comment about that and then awkward laughter will ensue. Stoops will put a positive spin on pretty much everything and the media will ask stupid questions, many of which Bob would never answer, they know he'd never answer, and yet they'll ask them anyway.

Yay Mondays!