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OU Football 2013 | Trevor Knight Dealing With Possible Knee Injury?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE #2: Trevor Knight is out for the Tulsa game per a report from

UPDATE: Friend of CCM, ESPN's Jake Trotter, is reporting that Knight had an MRI done on his knee but that according to his team source the injury is not believed to be serious.

So apparently this is the world we live in.  A world in which a Facebook post potentially reveals a possible Trevor Knight knee injury.

Let's summarize what we know right now at this moment.

1. Trevor Knight has two knees.

2. One of them may or may not be injured.

3. Trevor Knight's mom or someone posing as Trevor Knight's mom is on Facebook.

Seriously though, as many of you know normally we prefer to stay away from reporting rumors.  Which is why we were trying to have a little fun with it above.  And Jason Kersey is a friend of the site and someone who is both good at what he does and not someone who would put something like this out there simply for the sake of stirring things up. But if this does prove to be true, and of course depending on the seriousness of the possible injury, it could be a significant blow for the Sooners.

Which may sound like an odd statement to make given Knight's struggles through the first two games, but he was named the starting quarterback for a reason.  It's not like these OU coaches have a poor track record in naming quarterbacks, so if Knight won the job he obviously did so for a reason.  That fact would be something to consider for all of those OU fans clamoring for Blake Bell to replace Knight as the starter.  Which is not to say Bell will be unsuccessful, so much the assumption that inserting him into the offense solves the problem seems rather presumptuous.

Right now we're advising you to take this Knight thing for what it is, a rumor.  We can talk about the 'what if' scenarios if and/or when the rumor is confirmed.