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BYU Steamrolls Texas

Regardless of how frustrated Oklahoma fans may be over the current quarterback situation they at least still have one thing going in their favor...they're not the Texas Longhorns. They didn't just fall victim to a shocking road loss and they didn't just give up 550 yards on the ground. Those are the type of issues that Texas fans are dealing with and the aftermath of their 40-21 loss at BYU may have defensive coordinator Manny Diaz packing his bags as early as this week.

The Cougars ran the ball a staggering 72 times for an average of 7.6 yards per carry. If you thought last year's Texas team was bad against the rush, this was a performance giant piece of garbage for the ages. BYU sophomore quarterback Taysom Hill ran for 259 yards and three touchdowns with an average of 15.2 yards per carry.

With Oklahoma and Oklahoma State moving their offenses to a run oriented attack that features mobile quarterbacks, the Texas football season just got that much more interesting looking down their schedule. For now, it appears as if the Longhorns were massively over-hyped in if that never happens.