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College Football Saturday Open Game Thread

Jared Wickerham

The Big Twelve lineup is pretty much junk today, with West Virginia at Oklahoma and Texas at BYU being the only games worth noting. As bad as last weekend was for the conference, if any Big Twelve teams are upset this week it'll be even worse.

Big Twelve Schedule

11:00 SE Louisiana at #24 TCU'

11:00 #13 Oklahoma State at UTSA

2:30 Buffalo at #23 Baylor

5:30 LA Lafayette at Kansas State

6:00 West Virginia at #16 Oklahoma

6:00 #15 Texas at BYU

6:00 South Dakota at Kansas

6:00 SF Austin at Texas Tech

There's not a whole lot out there in the way of national games of interest either. In all actuality, it may be a good day to go out and get some yard work or something along those lines done.

National Games Of Interest

11:00 #12 Florida at Miami

3:30 #6 South Carolina at #11 Georgia

7:00 #14 Notre Dame at #17 Michigan