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Pick'em Contest Week One Winner/Top 10 Standings

CCM's college football pick'em contest is proudly sponsored by Sooner Legends Inn & Suites

Congrats to BaptistSooner, who edged out HeathC in the tie breaker to take home the week one prize from Sooner Legends BBQ in Norman.


Rank Pick Set Name Total Pts W-L
1 BaptistSooner 19 19-7
2 HeathC 19 19-7
3 bdooley 18 18-8
4 tguns 18 18-8
5 ALsooner1205 18 18-8
6 Tress Way Deserved the Heisman 17 17-9
7 SoonerInPigTown 17 17-9
8 Ron's Picks 17 17-9
9 Platinum 17 17-9
10 Velvet Knapsack 17 17-9

Don't forget about this week's Friday night games as you are making your picks. Its only week one so just about every is still in the running for the grand prize of a free night's stay at Sooner Legends Inn & Suites.

Congrats to BaptistSooner for being our week one winner and good luck to the rest of you in week two.