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Holgorsen: "I Hope Knight Doesn't Get It Figured Out This Week"

West Virginia head coach Dana Holgorson is impressed with the potential of Oklahoma's young quarterback.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports
I’ve been asked a lot if I’m excited about playing Oklahoma week two or if I’d rather play them week 12. The truth is I’d rather play them never because they’re pretty good. -Dana Holgorsen

In prepping for their first road trip of the season, Dana Holgorson feels as if Trevor Knight is extremely close to putting everything together in order to become the complete package as a dual-threat quarterback. He's just hoping that it happens the next week against Tulsa instead of against his team on Saturday evening.

"He can run. He's a talented guy. His completion percentage wasn't very good, but when I watched the tape, he's pretty good. He can throw. When you watched a guy in the past and said his completion percentage wasn't great, he couldn't throw. He's a talented quarterback, and he's going to get better and better. They're going to rely on him to make plays in the run and passing games. Hopefully he doesn't get things figured out this week."

Knight struggled in the passing game last Saturday night in Oklahoma's 34-0 win over Louisiana-Monroe. While he was impressive in the running game (103 yards on 13 carries), he only connected on 11 of 28 passing attempts for 86 yards. Nerves are being blamed for for Knight's bad start, because he did settle down to toss three touchdowns, and Holgorsen seems to have bought into that theory. However, Holgorsen also knows a thing or two about rough starts following West Virginia's 24-17 win over William & Mary last week.

"You can say what you want about the first half. The second quarter was bad. Defensively, the first quarter was good and the second quarter was bad. Offensively, the first quarter was bad and the second quarter was atrocious."

West Virginia trailed William & Mary 17-7 at the half but were able to come back in the second half to pull off a 24-17 win. Obviously both teams are still working out the kinks of having new players in their offensive systems at the start of the season. This puts more of an emphasis on the defenses going into Saturday's game, which is the complete opposite of last year's contest.

"Linebackers are the most important with this OU quarterback. You have to be disciplined when there are 85,000 people yelling at you and you just got knocked down. You have to have the ability to understand what we're trying to do defensively and execute your assignment.

Without mentioning names, there were a couple of guys last week that didn't execute their assignment. There were some specific times in the first half when they were able to dump the ball for a first down, or they didn't rush when they were supposed to rush, which would've gotten them to the quarterback before he could make the pass. 

You can't play defense with 10 guys. You've got to be able to play defense with 11 guys and make sure you're executing your assignment when things are rough - that's what mental toughness is all about."

After traveling to Morgantown last season, the Sooners now have the advantage of being the home team and West Virginia the disadvantage of being the road team. Holgorsen knows that his team won't be perfect on Saturday night but they'll need to be at their best.

"To ask our guys, especially those who are inexperienced, to play a perfect game - that's impossible. It's how you react to the mistakes. It's how you react to having a holding call and being third-and-15. We've got inexperienced guys, but those guys need to grow up. They need to embrace the fact that they are being put in a challenging position, which I find to be opportunistic. To have the opportunity to play in front of thousands of fans and to be on national television and play against a very good opponent gives them all a chance to get better."

Player Quotes

"It definitely is going to open the door for more things. We need to keep an eye on it that much more. We can't just keep an eye on the receivers, because the quarterback is quick and can run. We need to get a jam on the receiver and then look back and see what he (Knight) is doing. Our reaction time has to be fast." - Sophomore linebacker Isaiah Bruce on playing a duel threat quarterback

"What I've seen on film is a great attacking team. They have a great quarterback and great options. They're just a typical Oklahoma team ready to compete for a National Championship. Hopefully we can beat them." - Senior defensive lineman Shaq Rowell on the Sooners

"They move fast. They've always been a good team, because they move fast to the ball and they're very physical. We know in the back of our minds that we have to be more physical than them, give more effort and just go out there and play West Virginia football." - Junior running back Dreamius Smith on the Oklahoma defense

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"I've been there four or five times, and they're hard to beat at home," said Holgorsen, who coached against the Sooners while at Texas Tech and Oklahoma State. "They're hard to beat on the road. They're a good football team, and they have been for the 15 years that (Stoops has) been there.

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"Second week, 12th week, I don't know if it matters," he said. "The truth of the matter is I'd like to play them never because they're pretty good."

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