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OU Football 2013 | Bob Stoops Weekly Press Conference (ND/TCU)

It's Monday and you know what that means . . . another Bob Stoops press conference!

I've heard several local media members speculate that Stoops could be pretty salty today given some of his comments following Saturday's win and looking to avoid what is being labeled as a 'trap game' against TCU this weekend. The insinuation being that sandwiched between the Notre Dame and Texas, there is a chance the Sooners could be caught either (1) on a let down after a big win or (2) looking ahead to their rival who looks to be down yet again.

Either way, I'm quite certain we can expect the same level of intelligence when it comes to the questions that will be asked. So at least we have that to entertain us.

As always things get started shortly after noon and you can follow along live courtesy of Sooner Sports TV.