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Oklahoma Football | Senior Spotlight: FB Trey Millard

One of the most talented and physical players to wear the Crimson and Cream this decade, Trey Millard has been a multifaceted asset to Bob Stoops and company.

Tom Pennington

Trey Millard has a unique story in that he did not pick up the sport of football until the eighth grade. instead, this is a kid who grew up playing basketball as well as soccer, a sport he excelled at. However, skills learned at a younger age linger on and often bleed into other areas of life later on...

Soccer was definitely my main sport. It definitely helps me, footwork-wise. It's a way different experience. It helps you get your feet down without having to look at 'em or while you're focused on doing something else. I think that definitely helps having quick feet and things like that. - Trey Millard

The turning point came as Millard's soccer teammates entered high school leaving the younger few behind. Being one of those that was a year younger, Millard's stepfather introduced him to a new Needless to say, the rest is history as this young budding star took to the gridiron playing linebacker and left tackle due to a rule that prohibited a kid of his size from carrying the ball.

By the time high school hit, the coaching staff began to tap into his versatility. Not only did he spend time at fullback, but also find himself receiving playing time at halfback, tight end, slot receiver, and offensive line. It wouldn't be until his senior year that Millard took the lion's share of the spotlight. As the feature back, Millard racked up 1,413 yards on 219 carries for an average of 6.5 ypc.

In 2010, Trey Millard stepped onto the campus of the University of Oklahoma and became the starting fullback for the Sooners. He quickly turned heads as a devastating lead blocker, landing himself on the All-Big 12 second team.

Soon enough the cry from fans could be heard calling for Millard to carry the ball more often, especially knowing the redzone struggles. However, it is hard to give up your lead blocker who has shown the ability to spring guys to long gains. The coaching staff at Oklahoma continues to use his versatility lining Millard up at tight end, halfback, and fullback in hopes of utilizing his full potential.