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Sooners In The NFL | Week Three

Ronald Martinez

Another pretty slow week in the NFL for the former Sooners. DeMarco Murray easily being the standout with over 200 yard of total offense against his former teammate in Sam Bradford (who was once again let down by virtually everyone around him). Ryan Broyles made his return seeing his first action of the 2013 season following his second ACL injury last year.

It's criminal that Adrian Peterson is being paired with a quarterback like Christian Ponder. Absolutely criminal. The Vikings fell to 0-3 on the season.

In addition to Murray and Bradford going at it, two more former teammates and best friends Kenny Stills and Tony Jefferson face off in New Orleans with Stills' Saints coming out on top rather easily.

Frank Alexander (Panthers) - not active

Sam Bradford (Rams) - 29-for-48, 240 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT

Ryan Broyles (Lions) - 3 catches for 34 yards

Chris Chester (Redskins) - started at right guard

Jamell Fleming (Jaguars) - active but did not play

Dominique Franks (Falcons) - played, no stats

Jermaine Gresham (Bengals) - 4 catches for 27 yards

James Hanna (Cowboys) - played, no stats

Garrett Hartley (Saints) - 1/1 FGs (long of 31), 4/4 XPs

"If you give DeMarco holes, he can make great cuts and can take it all the way," said linebacker Sean Lee. "He's a complete back, and so it was fun to see him break out a little bit."  -

Tony Jefferson (Cardinals) - played (did not start this week), no stats

Lane Johnson (Eagles) - started at right tackle

Landry Jones (Steelers) - not active

Davin Joseph (Bucs) - started at right guard

Travis Lewis (Lions) - played, 2 special teams assisted tackles

Phil Loadholt (Vikings) - started at right tackle

Curtis Lofton (Saints) - 8 tackles, 1 pass defended

Gerald McCoy (Bucs) - 3 tackles

Stacy McGee (Raiders) - 1 tackle

DeMarco Murray (Cowboys) - 26 rushes for 175 yards, 1 TD, 3 catches for 28 yards

Adrian Peterson (Vikings) - 25 rushes for 88 yards, 1 TD, 6 catches for 27 yards

Donald Stephenson (Chiefs) - played, no stats

Kenny Stills (Saints) - played, no stats, 2 targets

Trent Williams (Redskins) - started at left tackle