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Defense Steps Up As Texas Tech Routs Texas St. 33-7

Stats may be misleading and often are as they were on Saturday night. Texas Tech's Davis Webb threw for 310 yards after relieving starter Tyler Arndt in the second quarter. However, those numbers are below par for a Red Raider offense knowing that came with two interceptions as well as two touchdowns. One thing that was not clicking for the Texas Tech Red Raiders was the offense.

At this point in time, it would appear that the Red Raiders are moving to a two quarterback approaching in an attempt to get experience. Who will be the front-runner for the starting job next season will be left undecided until the close of 2013...

We've got to do a lot better with that position overall. I told them both they're probably going to play the rest of the year. Two freshman quarterbacks, that's what you get early on and we'll continue to get better. - Kliff Kingsbury

In a moment of need, the defense stepped up allowing a mere 240 yards of offense to the Texas St. Bobcats and seven points. The lone touchdown came on a 49-yard run by Robert Lowe in the early going of the second half.