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Sooner Nation Podcast | Does A New Quarterback Answer Or Create More Questions

Blake Bell was spectacular in his debut as a Sooner quarterback but can he lead the offense in a new direction?

Brett Deering

Oklahoma moved to 3-0 on the season with a 51-20 win over Tulsa on Saturday. Now, with the Notre Dame game just two weeks away, the Sooners move into the bye week seemingly set at quarterback with Blake Bell as the new starter. Does that answer all of the questions though? Absolutely not! We'll get into that discussion for sure. Here's the line up for this episode of the Sooner Nation podcast.

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The state of the quarterback - Trevor Knight out and Blake Bell in, is it a knee jerk reaction or deserved promotion for Bell? How differently is the offense run with the two quarterbacks?

Offensive review - Running backs, receivers, & line. We'll give you our offensive MVP(s).

Defensive review - We'll give you our defensive MVP(s).

How about that new twist to the targeting rule? Isn't it fantastic? (Please note the sarcasm.

Big Twelve Rundown - Texas is done! ISU may be the new Kansas and a look at the Big Twelve teams that scare us.

Parting shots

Make sure to join in on the conversation by leaving your comments below. We'll do our best to get your questions added to the show as we move along.