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Blake Bell: A Quarterback Like None Before

Blake Bell breaks Sam Bradford's previous school record for passing yards while debuting as a starter for Oklahoma.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Oklahoma Sooners entered week three with questions at quarterback. After naming Blake Bell as the starter against the Tulsa Golden Hurricane, nay-sayers as well as supporters were out in full force taking their opinions to social media. Patiently awaiting his first career start, Bell took the opportunity to silence any and all negativity.

With record setting predecessors in Sam Bradford and Landry Jones, unfair comparisons are constantly thrown out for others to read. In his first career start, Bradford threw for 363 yards and three touchdowns to set the school record. Where he really set himself apart was in accuracy and consistency completing 91.3% of his passes against North Texas.

Landry Jones followed suit against Idaho St. with three touchdowns of his own along with 286 yards. For a first year starter who was thrust into the role unexpectedly, the performance was acceptable.

Now, Blake Bell has completely obliterated the previous record set by one of the most prolific passers in Oklahoma Sooners football history. His 413 passing yards will go down as the school's all-time best while debuting as the starting quarterback. However, it is important to note that Bell was recruited as a pocket passer. Should this performance come as a surprise knowing that? In my humble opinion, no...but then again I was one who still had my doubts about his ability. At this point, it is safe to say that Bell will be the starter moving forward.