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Oklahoma Football | Senior Spotlight: RB Brennan Clay

Heading out of 2012, expectations soared for Brennan Clay with the potential to crack the 1000 yard mark!

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

A talented and upstanding prospect, Brennan Clay stepped onto the welcome mat of college football in brutal fashion. One of the marquee match-ups in the nation pitted the Oklahoma Sooners against the Florida St. Seminoles. On a routine swing pass, Clay marched up field earning a first down before he was met by a vicious tackle from the defender.

The play not only put Clay on his back, but also stole any confidence he had built up as a true freshman. During his first two years in the crimson and cream, this is a kid who found himself buried in the depth chart. First it was behind the school touchdown record holder in DeMarco Murray, then it was behind a walk-on in Dominique Whaley. Talk about taking a plunge on the confidence meter after being touted as a five-star recruit.

However, 2012 marked the turn around in his career as he cracked the 500 yard rushing barrier. Clay capped off his junior campaign with a career defining run in overtime of Bedlam as Oklahoma sealed up the victory. Those 18 yards single-handedly set up even bigger expectations heading into his senior season not only for fans, but also for himself.

I'm shooting for 1,000 (yards) this year, believe it or not. That's what my ultimate goal is. And we have to get this Big 12 and get this national championship. Whatever falls in between, falls in between. - Brennan Clay

Of the original "Cali Trio," Clay remains the only one who chose to return for his senior year. Many thought the other two had room for improvement after learning of Kenny Stills' and Tony Jefferson's decision to opt out for the NFL Draft.

I'm so excited for them, so proud of them. They're like my brothers man, and I wish Tony and Kenny the best. I talk to them three or four times a week, staying up with them, seeing how they're doing. They're both doing well. And being the last one here, I just got to finish it out. - Brennan Clay

Through two games, Brennan Clay has tallied up 213 yards on 30 carries for an average of 7.1 yards per carry. If the Sooners ever needed Clay to step up, the time is now. He has responded in a tremendous way and produced a career best 170 yard rushing performance. There is no doubt that Clay is on pace for a personal best type season.