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Countdown To Kickoff: 23 Days!

Beginning with a series of unfortunate events, the 2006 season turned around in a hurry ending with another championship for the Sooners.


During the 2006 season, a single game remained on the schedule as the Oklahoma Sooners found themselves tied with the Texas Longhorns for the Big 12 South Division Title. Hopes of reaching the Big 12 Championship game seemed all but lost. However, OU simply needed to pull out a victory over the Oklahoma St. Cowboys to seal the deal as the Longhorns had lost earlier in the day.

Without star runningback Adrian Peterson, the Sooners turned toward Allen Patrick to carry them to victory. On 23 carries, Patrick finished the day with 163 yards with an average of 7.1 ypc as Oklahoma edged out OSU 27--21 and stamped their ticket to the Big 12 Championship.

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