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Oklahoma Football | A Dire Need For Alternate Uniforms?

Alternate Uniforms have been sweeping the nation, but is it time for the Oklahoma Sooners to make a change?


A wave a change continues to sweep the nation as talk of alternate uniforms dominate much of the college football world. Much of the push is fueled by the war being waged between Adidas and Nike. Yet, recruiting remains at the forefront of the discussion as universities weigh the potential benefits and drawbacks. However, one conference has turned down nearly every temptation...the Big 12 Conference.

Up until now, only a single program had taken the plunge while running away with the idea of multiple uniform combinations. The Oklahoma St. Cowboys took the first step out of the box during the 2011 season. For two years, the Cowboys stood alone in the decision but a handful of teams will join them in 2013 including West Virginia, Baylor, and Texas Tech.

For the Oklahoma Sooners, the equation looks substantially different. A consistent championship competitor putting together 10-win season after 10-win season, the Sooners have refused to entertain the thought of alternate uniforms. With the recent sting of losing top recruits, the coaching staff as well as the fans recognize a need for change. It's time to head back to the drawing board...immediately!

The obvious solution can be found in recruits as well as players (former and current) lobbying for the implementation of new uniforms.

During the Stoops era, Oklahoma has toyed with throwback jerseys as well as conservative tweaks to the traditional crimson and cream. In contrast, Bob Stoops stated he was open to the possibility of less tame alternative options. It is likely the recent and sustained success of the Oregon Ducks, amongst other things, has influenced Stoops' mindset on the issue.

It is no secret that parts of the equation influencing a recruits decision have drastically changed over time. Oklahoma needs a solution to much of it's recruiting woes and has one option being presented directly by Nike. The answer seems simple but the university frets over upsetting long time donors. Fact remains that alternate uniforms increase the potential for revenue and attract top recruits. To continue to ignore the trend is, by definition, insanity.

So what do you say Sooner Nation, are you on board with alternate unis (click for example)?