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OU Football 2013 | Bob Stoops Reveals The Loss Of Two Defensive Ends on Consecutive Days

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

UPDATE: Well you can make that two OU defensive ends who have gone down, or at least publicly acknowledged to have gone down, in consecutive days.

Tuesday morning, following the first of two practices the football team will have,, Bob Stoops announced that Michael Onuoha underwent a "procedure" and that he (Stoops) was hopeful the sophomore pass rusher would be able to return prior to the Notre Dame game.

Stoops is pretty notorious amongst OU fans with respect to his track record of disclosing injuries. So it remains to be seen just how much time Onuoha may or may not miss.

Either way it's a loss at a position Oklahoma could really ill afford to suffer given how little depth they have across the defensive line in general.

Following a brief meeting with the media after Monday's morning practice session, Bob Stoops revealed that Oklahoma freshman defensive end D.J. Ward has not been practicing with the team.

Evidently Ward suffered what is believed to be some type of a spleen injury and his current status with respect to this season and possibly even his career are not known. Stoops would not elaborate, primarily due to the fact he did not have the necessary details in which to do so.

It's easy for some to assume the worst in these type of situations, but given how little anyone appears to know (or at least is willing to share publicly) at the moment it would be irresponsible to speculate as to the nature and/or length of time Ward may be forced to sit out.

As a first year player the coaches have spoke very highly of ever since his early enrollment this past spring, Ward was someone who many expected to contribute this coming season. Especially given how desperate Oklahoma appears to be for difference makers in their front four.

Playing time and/or contributions on the field aside, obviously Ward's health is of the utmost importance. So hopefully the doctors can get this sorted out and healed up.