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OU Football 2013 | Bob Stoops Weekly Press Conference


It's game week.

It's Monday.

Which means we're back for yet another year of 'Coach Speak-apalooza' otherwise known as the Bob Stoops weekly press conference.

In the world of incredibly depressing news, we will not have the extreme pleasure of a certain Oklahoman sports reporter who became infamous around these parts for a tendency to ask occasional inane question. You will be missed.

This will be the first chance the media has to speak with Stoops since the announcement of Trevor Knight as the starting quarterback was made. So expect plenty of questions (that Bob won't answer) about what went into that decision. We may also finally get confirmation as to the possible suspensions for Cortez Johnson and Chuka Ndulue. And any other deeply insightful questions the local media can pose to Stoops, because these press conferences are never a complete waste of time.

We'll do our best to read through the blurred (It's a song. It's on the radio every five seconds. Just ask your kids.) lines and translate Stoops' comments for you as they happen. As always you can watch along live on Sooner Sports TV.

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